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About this web site
About this web site

This page provides some more information regarding this web site. Please take time to read this page.

The nature of this web site guarantees that it's contents will always be changing. Exhibitions will be created and will evolve during their life, at which time they may be removed.

Please bookmark this site now, and return here frequently.

Latest content updates

No content has been updated during the last 30 days.

The Galleries

My photographs are displayed in purpose built Galleries and will change as regularly as possible. As photographs become available, they will be displayed in an existing exhibition gallery, or a new gallery will be constructed to reflect a particular theme.

Each gallery will contain an index page with thumbnails of the photographs on display. Just click on the thumbnail to access the display version. The default display versions are set to a height of 500 pixels and widths will vary. If you are using a small screen this may result in you having to scroll your browser window to see the complete image.

Viewing the content

As this is intentionally a graphics intensive web site, you are advised to use display equipment that will support a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels, with a color depth of 24 bits, sometimes indicated as "millions of colours".

You should also consider maximizing your web browser to provide that largest possible display area.

The "Small Print"

Please note that you are not permitted to make copies of any of my material contained on this web site. To do so is theft.

You may link my material from your own web site so long as you give me credit for the material and my copyright information is retained.

At this time it is not possible to make copies available for general sale or otherwise.

Thank you for your cooperation.